Superheroes revisited: The Man of Steel

   My last blog opened with a question: Do you have a favorite superhero? Mine is Batman. Michelle Wilkey loves Superman. She has graciously agreed to share her thoughts as my first guest blogger. In two weeks, Michelle will be ordained in the United Church of Christ. You can follow her blog at
   I would love to have more guest bloggers share their insights into the various topics and take the conversation in different directions. Let me know if you are interested. Don’t worry about punctuation and grammar and spelling — those can be smoothed over. It’s your thoughts that count.
   And now without further ado, on to Michelle’s thoughts about the Man of Steel:

 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  On September 12, 1993, the show “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” premiered. I still remember sitting on my dad’s cooler in our kitchen and watching the first episode on our little black and white television. This was the day my love for Superman was born.

   Superman has become a part of who I am. My admiration for Superman has lasted throughout the years. It’s not just the man in the cape that I love; I also love the idea of Superman.

   Here we have a boy who was born with a gift. Superman grows up and decides to use his powers to make the world a better place. He fights for truth and justice and because of him the world becomes a better place.

   The beauty of Superman is the fact that he isn’t perfect. He has weaknesses just like everyone else. But Superman never gives up hope and he continues to fight for humanity.

   I love the idea that an ordinary, mild-mannered reporter is actually the man who saves the day. There are days when I feel like an outsider and even a nerd. Then I look at Clark Kent. In the series “Smallville,” I love how it chronicles Clark’s transformation into Superman. Clark was born with a destiny and it took him 10 years to become who he was born to be.

   Here is a quote from the “Man of Steel“ movie: “The people of Earth are different from us, it’s true, but ultimately I believe that is a good thing. They won’t necessarily make the same mistakes we did, but if you guide them, Kal, if you give them hope, that’s what this symbol means. The symbol of the House of El means hope. Embodied within that hope is the fundamental belief in the potential of every person to be a force for good. That’s what you can bring them.”

   The world is filled with people who have the potential to fight for truth and justice. God has given us all gifts to use in the transformation of the world. We may not be able to fly like Superman, but we can still embody the traits that Superman has.

   So no matter how different I have felt throughout the years, I can look to Superman to remind me that I am not just a mild-mannered pastor or woman of God, but I am also a person capable of using the spiritual gifts that God has given me to change the world.



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