Max on the mend

Max and Me    I’ve gotten notes from a few people asking for an update on Max the cat. I’m happy to say he’s doing well and recovering nicely.
   As you may recall, Max was attacked a little more than a month ago. Either somebody pelted him with snowballs or a stray dog got him. Either way, he was in a bad way for most of a week. The vets repaired eight tears in his abdominal wall, and he had a cat concussion.
   He almost didn’t make it. We got to the point that if he didn’t show any progress one day, it would be time to make a decision. But he started moving better, and has been on the upswing since then.
   Before all this happened, Max was friendly but often fearful, content to be by himself. Since he’s returned home, he’s always on someone’s lap or sitting next to someone. Even now, he’s climbing on my lap and the keyboard as I type. Interesting how that part has changed.
   Another interesting thing about Max: We have no idea where he is from. My daughter found him curled up by the side of a walking trail in a park behind our house one very hot day a few years ago. He wouldn’t move, not even to get out of the hot sun. I came out to check on him and he made no attempt to resist being picked up, which was very odd. And he was shaking out of fear. He had been neutered, so he was somebody’s pet. Either they dumped him or he somehow got separated from his home. He was terrified.
   I brought him home and intended to put him in the garage and feed him, but the noise of the garage door opening scared him and he jumped out of my arms and ran away. He spent a week on his own living in the park and doing a very poor job of hunting food. When I saw him again a week later, the outline of his ribs were visible. This time, he let me pick him up, take him home and give him a bowl of cat food and some water. He hasn’t left since.
   So many mysteries to his short cat life.


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