A Thanksgiving parable

   A businessman decided he could make more money by keeping his store open on Thanksgiving. He required all of his employees to leave their families and work all day, whether they wanted to or not.
   One employee worked her full shift, then put the day’s receipts into a bag and drove it to the boss’ mansion, as her boss had instructed. A housekeeper met her at the door.
   “The boss is relaxing in his study and doesn‘t want to be bothered,” the housekeeper said. “He told me to take the bag from you and give you this as a way of saying thanks.” The servant took a $20 bill from the bulging bag and gave it to her.
   She got in her car and headed home for a late Thanksgiving dinner with her family. When she saw a homeless man along the way, she invited him to join her family for dinner. Her family provided him with a meal and friendship and told him he was welcome to join them anytime. The woman took the $20 that her boss had given her and gave it to the homeless man. She got another $20 out of her purse and gave that to him, too.
   Which of them acted in the spirit of God?



Author: joekay617

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